“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.” - Winnie the Pooh

Hello loves! I’m a licensed Usui Reiki Master and practitioner living in Charleston, SC. I’m passionate about helping clients tap into their own inner wisdom to heal their physical and emotional issues on a deeper level. I incorporate different healing techniques in each session such as intention setting, crystal therapy, aromatherapy and sound healing to tailor each session to my client in conjunction with the powerful energy healing of Reiki. I have worked with clients in many different stages of life, including in hospitals during surgery & recovery, and in hospice and palliative care with end-of-life patients and grieving families. I’ve also worked with women trying to conceive and during pregnancy. And I have a few furry friend clients too :)

I continue to take workshops and review reiki trainings and learn new healing modalities, as well as go to reiki practitioners for continued growth and healing. This is a life long journey for me!



My own Reiki journey began as a little girl growing up with a Mom who was a natural healer – she started learning Reiki and practicing on me when I was about 10 years old. I was amazed at the feeling of this energy pulsing and flowing in my body. I only understood it on a physical level, but I fully felt it’s power! Fast forward to 2010 when I started going to a Reiki practitioner for both physical and emotional issues I was dealing with. I was completely blown away by the sometimes subtle (and oftentimes intense!) ways in which I felt Reiki opening up energy blocks that were affecting both my body and mind. With each session I felt more open to this life force energy, and was being pulled to delve deeper. I decided to dive in to Reiki training and took levels I & II at the New York International Reiki Center and shortly after decided to pursue the path of Usui Reiki Master. In May 2016 I received my Usui Reiki Master attunement from Carlos and Ana Gonzalez at the New York International Reiki Center. But my journey hasn’t stopped there! I am currently in a teacher training program with Maureen Donahue of Joti Reiki, and have gained the foundation to confidently teach Reiki classes. This journey has been life changing for me, and I wish to share the Reiki magic with my family, friends and clients so they may live a more easeful, joyful and happy life! 


I am a certified 200-hour yoga instructor from the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA, my home for seven years. I’m also currently working towards my 500-hour certification through the Asheville Yoga Center. When I’m not doing Reiki or yoga, you might find me by Folly Beach looking for shells or watching sunsets, traveling to a far off destination or a quick getaway to Asheville for the weekend, or just enjoying a nice glass of wine and oysters with my hubs at one of the many great restaurants around town : )